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Metal Distortion Pedal Review: Vintage Sound Range

July 5, 2024 | by 98reviews

vintage metal pedal review

We love the Metal Distortion Pedal for its ability to guarantee a vintage sound range with three distinct modes of distortion. True bypass guarantees our signal stays pure, and the analog signal format preserves that classic tone we crave. Its compact design and battery-powered operation make it a breeze to transport and set up. Users rave about its robust build and versatility, handling various genres from classic rock to modern metal effortlessly. The pedal's combination of reliable performance, sound customization, and user-friendly features makes it a must-have. Stay with us to explore more about its impressive capabilities.

Vintage Distortion Pedal Review

When we explore the world of vintage distortion pedals, we find that the Metal Distortion Pedal offers a compelling blend of classic tones and modern features. Its 3 modes of distortion let's dial in a variety of sounds, capturing the timeless appeal of vintage rock and metal.

The true bypass guarantees our signal stays pure, while the analog signal format preserves that sought-after classic tone. This pedal's compact design and battery-powered operation make it convenient for any setup.

With its art design series, it's not just about the sound; it looks great on our pedalboard too. Overall, this pedal stands out for its ability to merge classic and contemporary elements seamlessly, making it perfect for innovative musicians.

Let's now assess how the Metal Distortion Pedal stacks up against other popular distortion pedals on the market.

When it comes to sound customization, our pedal excels with its three modes of distortion. This feature allows us to tailor our sound to fit various genres and playing styles, offering a versatility that many competitors lack.

Additionally, the pedal's reliability is commendable. Users have consistently reported its robust build and consistent performance, even under demanding conditions. Compared to other pedals that might falter after extensive use, our Metal Distortion Pedal maintains its integrity.

In the domain of innovative sound customization and steadfast pedal reliability, it clearly holds its ground against the competition.

In addition to its impressive sound customization, the Metal Distortion Pedal offers a range of features that enhance its overall usability and performance.

Weighing just 5.6 ounces and measuring 1.9 x 1.66 x 3.7 inches, its compact design makes it extremely portable.

User experience is further improved by its true bypass feature, guaranteeing no signal loss when the pedal is off.

The three modes of distortion provide diverse sonic options, catering to various musical styles.

Additionally, the 1/4-inch audio interface ensures compatibility with most electric guitars.

Powered by a 9-volt battery, it offers reliable performance with minimal hassle.

Moving beyond its technical specifications, let's consider the real-world performance and user feedback for the Metal Distortion Pedal.

Users rave about its sound customization, highlighting the pedal's ability to dial in a wide range of tones. The three modes of distortion offer a vintage sound range that appeals to both classic rock enthusiasts and modern metal players.

Pedal versatility is another standout feature; it integrates seamlessly into various setups, making it a reliable choice for both studio recording and live performances. Reviewers consistently mention how the pedal handles different genres effortlessly, showcasing its adaptability.

Key Purchase Considerations

When considering the Metal Distortion Pedal, we should focus on its sound quality, build durability, and user interface. Sound customization is key; this pedal's three modes of distortion offer a range from subtle vintage tones to aggressive metal grunge.

Pedal versatility is essential for those who play various genres. Its compact size and analog signal format guarantee it's easy to integrate into any setup. Build durability is another consideration—this pedal's robust construction means it can withstand frequent use.

The user interface should be intuitive; the simple knob layout and true bypass feature make adjustments straightforward. With these factors in mind, we can make an informed decision and ensure the pedal meets our innovative musical needs.

Let's talk about the core features of this pedal:

  • The three distortion modes
  • Vintage sound quality
  • True bypass

These elements make a significant impact on our overall playing experience.

We'll explore how each feature enhances our sound and performance.

Distortion Modes Variety

Among its standout features, the Metal Distortion Pedal offers three distinct modes of distortion, catering to a variety of sonic preferences. We can easily switch between these modes to explore different distortion levels and tonal textures.

The pedal's tone control allows us to fine-tune the sound, ensuring we can match the distortion to our specific needs. Whether we're aiming for a subtle crunch or a heavy, aggressive distortion, the variety in modes provides ample flexibility.

This versatility makes the pedal suitable for diverse genres and playing styles. By combining advanced tone control with multiple distortion levels, this pedal becomes an essential tool for musicians looking to innovate and experiment with their sound.

Vintage Sound Quality

The Metal Distortion Pedal doesn't just offer versatility; it also delivers a rich vintage sound quality that's perfect for those seeking a classic tone.

With its sound authenticity, this pedal transports us back to the golden era of rock. The performance is stellar, ensuring that each note oozes with character.

We appreciate the vintage aesthetics, which not only look great but also promise reliability during long jam sessions. This pedal captures the essence of iconic distortion from the past while integrating seamlessly into modern setups.

It's a blend of old-school charm and cutting-edge innovation. For those of us who crave a reliable, vintage sound, this pedal stands out as a top choice.

True Bypass Feature

True bypass guarantees our signal remains pure and unaffected when the pedal is off. This means we maintain signal clarity and overall performance without any unwanted coloration.

The bypass switch on this metal distortion pedal enhances usability by allowing smooth shifts between the pedal's active and inactive states. We can engage or disengage the effect without compromising our sound's integrity. This feature is essential for those of us who demand precision and consistency in our setups.

Especially during live performances, knowing our tone remains unaltered when the pedal is off gives us confidence. This pedal's true bypass design safeguards our rig stays reliable and transparent, meeting the needs of modern musicians who seek both innovation and reliability.

When comparing distortion pedals, it's clear this model stands out for its versatility and vintage sound range. We love how it offers extensive sound customization, allowing us to dial in the perfect tone for various genres. The three modes of distortion provide a wide array of options, from subtle warmth to aggressive crunch.

User experiences highlight the pedal's ease of use and adaptability. Many appreciate its compact size and the analog signal format, which preserves the integrity of the original sound. The feedback suggests that both beginners and seasoned musicians find this pedal invaluable for achieving a vintage sound that's both rich and dynamic. This model has truly set a new standard in the world of distortion pedals.

Why It's Highly Rated

We rate this pedal highly because of its versatile features and solid specifications. It offers three distinct modes of distortion and true bypass for a clean signal.

The compact size and battery power make it a practical choice for guitarists on the go.


Let's start with the pedal's stunning art design, which immediately catches the eye.

Its build and durability make it a reliable choice for both studio and stage use.

We can't overlook how these factors contribute to its high rating among users.

– Stunning Art Design

Boasting a visually striking art design, this metal distortion pedal not only delivers powerful sound but also makes a bold statement on any pedalboard.

The artistic inspiration behind its design aesthetics sets it apart, appealing to those who value innovation.

Every detail reflects a commitment to creativity, ensuring it's as pleasing to the eye as it's to the ear.

– Build and Durability

The build quality of the metal distortion pedal is impressive, with a robust construction that guarantees durability even under rigorous use.

We appreciate its high material quality and solid construction, ensuring both longevity and sturdiness.

This pedal can withstand the demands of frequent gigging and practice, making it a reliable choice for musicians seeking innovation without compromising on durability.


We find the Metal Distortion Pedal highly rated due to its impressive combination of compact design, versatile sound modes, and reliable performance. The pedal construction is solid, weighing just 5.6 ounces and measuring 1.9 x 1.66 x 3.7 inches, making it a perfect fit for any pedalboard.

Its analog signal format guarantees a vintage sound range that appeals to both classic and modern guitarists.

In our performance analysis, we noted the three distortion modes provide a versatile sound palette, while the true bypass feature guarantees no loss in signal quality. Powered by a 9-volt battery, it's convenient for on-the-go musicians.

With a 4.1-star rating from 993 reviews, it's clear this pedal meets the high standards of today's innovative players.

Let's explore the key features that make this Metal Distortion Pedal stand out among its competitors.

First, sound customization is at the forefront with its three distinct modes of distortion, allowing us to dial in everything from a subtle crunch to a full-on metal roar.

Second, the user experience is enhanced by the true bypass switch, ensuring no tone coloring when the pedal is off.

Third, the compact design is perfect for crowded pedalboards without sacrificing functionality.

These features make it a strong contender for anyone seeking innovative sound and seamless usability.

In addition to its key features, understanding the feedback from real users offers valuable insights into the pedal's performance and reliability. Many users appreciate the pedal's tone customization capabilities, allowing them to sculpt their sound to perfection. The vintage appeal of the pedal is another highlight, bringing classic distortion tones to modern setups without compromising on quality.

Here are some common praises from users:

  1. Tone Customization: Users love the flexible controls for shaping their sound.
  2. Vintage Appeal: The pedal delivers authentic, nostalgic distortion tones.
  3. Build Quality: Despite its lightweight, the pedal is sturdy and durable.

A notable aspect of this metal distortion pedal is its three distinct modes of distortion, which cater to a wide range of musical styles and preferences. These modes provide excellent sound customization, allowing us to tweak our tone until it's just right.

The pedal design is intuitive, making it easy to switch between modes and adjust settings on the fly. Tone shaping becomes a breeze with the clearly labeled knobs, enhancing our user experience greatly.

The compact size and sturdy build guarantee it fits well on any pedalboard without taking up too much space. Overall, the pedal combines innovative features with user-friendly design, making it a versatile addition to any guitarist's setup.


To sum up, the Metal Distortion Pedal has truly impressed us with its powerful vintage sound and versatility. Some might argue it's just another distortion pedal, but its three distinct modes and true bypass feature set it apart.

We've found it reliable and stylish, making it a staple in our setup. With high user ratings and our hands-on experience, we wholeheartedly recommend it to any musician seeking that perfect blend of grit and clarity.


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