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PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar Review

April 5, 2024 | by 98reviews

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We've discovered the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar, a true gem in craftsmanship and sound quality. Featuring a solid Sitka Spruce top, Fishman GT1 electronics, and a vintage sunburst design, this guitar offers a rich tonal palette and exceptional playability. The unique tonewood combination of Sitka Spruce and Figured Maple provides a dynamic range of tones, inspiring creativity and exploration. Users praise its impeccable finish and versatile sound projection, making it a top choice for musicians seeking an unparalleled acoustic experience. Get ready to journey into a world of exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional sound with the PRS SE T50E.

Top Features and Benefits

When we explore the top features and benefits of the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar, its solid Sitka Spruce top and Fishman GT1 electronics immediately stand out as exceptional highlights that enhance both tone and playability.

The playability assessment of this guitar is off the charts due to its sleek design and comfortable feel, making it easy to create beautiful melodies effortlessly.

Not only does it sound amazing, but its aesthetic appeal with the Vintage Sunburst color and Figured Maple back & sides adds a touch of elegance to any performance.

The Fishman GT1 electronics further elevate the experience, providing crystal clear amplified sound for any venue. This guitar truly embodies innovation and quality craftsmanship in every strum.

Continuing our exploration of the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar's outstanding features, let's now shift our focus to its impeccable sound projection and versatility in various musical genres.

The guitar offers a range of finish options, allowing you to choose one that suits your style and personality. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more modern, the PRS SE T50E has you covered.

When it comes to playability factors, this guitar excels. The neck profile is comfortable, making it easy to play complex chords and intricate melodies. The action is smooth and responsive, ensuring that every note rings out clearly.

With the PRS SE T50E, you'll experience a new level of performance and inspiration.

Explore the exceptional craftsmanship behind the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar's rich tonal palette and dynamic range.

The playability enhancements on this guitar are truly remarkable. From the slim, easy-to-play neck profile to the smooth fretboard, every detail is designed to elevate your playing experience.

Whether you're strumming chords or fingerpicking intricate melodies, the PRS SE T50E responds with precision and ease, allowing you to fully express your musical creativity.

Additionally, the aesthetics appeal of this instrument is undeniable. With its Vintage Sunburst finish, Figured Maple back, and Solid Sitka Spruce top, the PRS SE T50E isn't only a joy to play but also a stunning piece of art that will captivate any audience.

Let's uncover the intricate blend of craftsmanship and innovation that defines the unique sound signature of the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar. When it comes to tonewood selection, PRS has spared no expense in choosing high-quality materials that enhance the guitar's resonance and projection. The solid Sitka Spruce top provides a clear and powerful sound, while the figured Maple back and sides add warmth and depth to each note played. As for playability assessment, this guitar excels in providing a smooth and comfortable playing experience, allowing for effortless switching and intricate fingerpicking. The combination of carefully selected tonewoods and ergonomic design truly sets the PRS SE T50E apart, making it a top choice for musicians seeking both quality craftsmanship and exceptional playability.

Tonewood Selection Playability Assessment Electronics
Solid Sitka Spruce Smooth and comfortable playing Fishman Gt1
Figured Maple Effortless switching Tonal Grand
Intricate fingerpicking

Unique Tonewood Combination's Influence

Our exploration of the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar's unique tonewood combination reveals a harmonious fusion that greatly shapes the instrument's sonic character.

The innovative tonewood pairing of a solid Sitka Spruce top with figured Maple back and sides creates a dynamic range of tones that resonate with clarity and depth.

The Sitka Spruce offers a crisp articulation and powerful projection, perfect for lead lines and fingerstyle playing, while the Figured Maple adds warmth and richness to the overall sound, enhancing the guitar's tonal complexity.

This blend of tonewoods not only contributes to the guitar's stunning aesthetics but also plays a key role in shaping its acoustic dynamics, making the PRS SE T50E a versatile instrument that inspires creativity and musical exploration.

Let's dissect what truly distinguishes the PRS SE T50E acoustic guitar apart:

the sound quality comparison,

the electronics performance analysis,

and the material and build.

These three points are essential in understanding how this guitar delivers exceptional performance and value.

Sound Quality Comparison

When comparing the sound quality of the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar to other models in its class, you'll quickly notice its exceptional tonal richness and clarity. The combination of a solid Sitka Spruce top and Figured Maple back & sides provides a well-balanced tone with a warm low end and crisp highs. The tonewood properties contribute to the guitar's resonance, making every note ring out beautifully. Here is a comparison table showcasing the sound quality of the PRS SE T50E against its competitors:

Aspect PRS SE T50E Competitor A Competitor B
Tonal Richness High Medium Low
Clarity Exceptional Good Average
Resonance Outstanding Fair Limited

Electronics Performance Analysis

Analyzing the electronics performance of the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar reveals its exceptional capability in delivering pristine amplified tones with dynamic range and clarity.

The Fishman GT1 electronics system integrated into this guitar is a game-changer, offering a seamless blend of the guitar's tonewood impact and electronic processing.

This synergy results in a rich, detailed sound that maintains the natural characteristics of the instrument while enhancing its versatility in various playing environments.

Whether you're performing on stage or recording in the studio, the PRS SE T50E's electronics analysis showcases its ability to faithfully reproduce the nuances of your playing style with precision and finesse.

Experience innovation at its finest with the PRS SE T50E's electronics performance.

Material and Build

Moving from the examination of the electronics performance, we now shift our focus to the intricate details of the material and build of the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar.

The finish quality on this guitar is impeccable, showcasing the craftsmanship that PRS is renowned for. The Solid Sitka Spruce top and Figured Maple back & sides not only provide a stunning visual appeal but also contribute to the rich and resonant tone of the instrument.

The neck design is sleek and comfortable, allowing for smooth and effortless playability and seamless changes between chords. PRS has truly excelled in combining premium materials with expert construction to create a guitar that not only sounds exceptional but feels like a work of art in your hands.

Among the array of acoustic guitars available in the market today, the PRS SE T50E in Vintage Sunburst stands out as a top contender for both seasoned musicians and beginners alike.

The playability advantages of this guitar are immediately noticeable; the slim, easy-to-play neck combined with a comfortable body shape makes it a joy to pick up and play for hours on end.

Additionally, its aesthetics appeal is undeniable – the Vintage Sunburst finish coupled with the figured Maple back and sides exude elegance and style that's sure to turn heads on stage or at home.

Whether you're looking for a guitar that plays like a dream or one that looks as good as it sounds, the PRS SE T50E delivers on all fronts.

Rich Tonal Quality Praised

We've been blown away by the rich tonal quality of the PRS SE T50E acoustic guitar.

The solid Sitka Spruce top and Figured Maple back & sides create a harmonious blend that delivers a full, resonant sound.

With Fishman GT1 electronics adding versatility, this guitar truly stands out for its exceptional tonal grandeur.


The exquisite figured maple back of the PRS SE T50E acoustic guitar truly shines, showcasing the craftsmanship that went into creating this instrument.

The rich tonal quality praised by many users is a validation of the attention to detail put into every aspect of this guitar.

Every strum resonates with depth and clarity, making it a top choice for musicians seeking a high-quality acoustic experience.

Exquisite Figured Maple Back

With its exquisite figured maple back, the PRS SE T50E acoustic guitar delivers a rich tonal quality that has been highly praised by musicians and customers alike.

The maple aesthetics not only enhance the guitar's visual appeal but also contribute to its tonal richness, providing a unique sound profile that stands out in any musical setting.

This distinctive feature sets the PRS SE T50E apart, making it a top choice for those seeking innovation.

Craftsmanship Shines Through

Crafting the PRS SE T50E acoustic guitar, we poured meticulous attention into every detail, ensuring that its rich tonal quality shines through in each note played. Our craftsmanship evaluation highlighted the seamless integration of design aesthetics and functionality. Take a look at how our dedication to excellence translates into a superior playing experience:

Craftsmanship Evaluation Design Aesthetics Functionality
Impeccable attention to detail Elegant Vintage Sunburst finish Fishman Gt1 electronics
Precision in construction Striking Figured Maple back & sides Tonal Grand projection
Quality materials used Solid Sitka Spruce top PRS hard-shell case included
Expert finishing techniques Sleek body design Exceptional sound clarity


Boasting a rich tonal quality that has garnered high praise, the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Electric Guitar stands out with its Vintage Sunburst color, solid Sitka Spruce top, and Fishman Gt1 electronics.

The playability analysis reveals a guitar that effortlessly adapts to your style, whether strumming or fingerpicking, making every session a joy. Its design aesthetics are a perfect blend of classic and modern, catching the eye with its Figured Maple back and sides that not only look stunning but also contribute to the guitar's resonant sound.

The Fishman Gt1 electronics further enhance the tonal grandeur, allowing you to easily amplify that rich, full-bodied sound. The PRS SE T50E is a masterpiece that combines tradition with innovation for an unparalleled musical experience.

Amazed by the exquisite combination of solid Sitka Spruce top and figured Maple back & sides on the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar. When it comes to wood selection, PRS has truly crafted a masterpiece. Here's why we believe this guitar stands out regarding playability analysis:

  1. Perfect Balance: The mix of Sitka Spruce and Figured Maple offers a harmonious balance between warmth and brightness.
  2. Silky Fretboard: The ebony fretboard provides a smooth playing experience, allowing for effortless changes and intricate fingerpicking.
  3. Dynamic Range: The tonal versatility of this guitar is exceptional, from delicate fingerstyle to powerful strumming, it delivers across the spectrum.
  4. Improved Amplification: With Fishman GT1 electronics, this guitar guarantees your sound remains pristine whether in the studio or on stage.

Incorporating advanced electronics, the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar guarantees a smooth shift from unplugged to amplified performance.

The playability experience with this guitar is unparalleled; the action is smooth, making it effortless to play complex chords and delicate melodies. Whether you're a seasoned performer or just starting out, the PRS SE T50E's playability will inspire you to reach new musical heights.

Additionally, its aesthetics appeal is undeniable. The vintage sunburst color paired with the figured maple back and sides exudes elegance and sophistication. When you pick up the PRS SE T50E, you're not just holding a guitar; you're holding a work of art that's bound to turn heads and elevate your stage presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar Be Easily Customized With Different Pickups or Electronics?

Absolutely, the PRS SE T50E acoustic guitar offers easy customization with various pickup options for those seeking an electronics upgrade. With simple modifications, you can enhance its sound to suit your preferences.

Whether you're looking to experiment with different pickups or modify the electronics, this guitar provides ample room for personalization. Make it truly yours by exploring the endless possibilities for tonal improvements.

How Does the Guitar Perform in Terms of Feedback Control During Live Performances?

When performing live, our PRS SE T50E excels in feedback control. The guitar's high-quality Fishman electronics guarantee impeccable sound quality and volume without unwanted interference.

Its stage presence and aesthetics are unparalleled, captivating audiences with both its stunning looks and powerful sound. This guitar truly shines on stage, commanding attention and delivering a performance that will leave a lasting impression.

What Is the Weight and Overall Feel of the Guitar in Comparison to Other Acoustic Guitars in Its Price Range?

When comparing the weight and feel of the PRS SE T50E to other guitars in its price range, we find it impressively well-balanced. Its comfortable design makes long playing sessions a breeze.

The tonal versatility and playability are excellent, offering a wide range of sounds for any style. This guitar truly stands out both in terms of weight and feel, setting a new standard in its class.

Are There Any Specific Genres or Playing Styles That This Guitar Excels At?

When it comes to specific genres or playing styles, this guitar truly shines. From fingerstyle versatility that will make your heart sing to rock performances that will have you shredding like never before, the PRS SE T50E is a force to be reckoned with.

Its jazz interpretation is smooth as silk, while its blues expression will touch your soul. This guitar isn't just an instrument; it's a gateway to musical innovation.

How Does the PRS Hard-Shell Case Compare to Other Guitar Cases in Terms of Durability and Protection?

When comparing the PRS hard-shell case to others, our experience shows it excels in durability and protection. The sturdy build and thoughtful design make it stand out, ensuring peace of mind when transporting your precious guitar.

The protection level offered by this case is exceptional, surpassing many others on the market. It's a reliable companion that keeps your instrument safe wherever your musical journey takes you.


To sum up, the PRS SE T50E Acoustic Guitar is truly a game-changer in the realm of acoustic instruments. Its blend of tonewoods creates a rich and resonant sound that captivates musicians of all levels.

One musician, Sarah, was amazed by the guitar's versatility and exceptional sound quality during a live performance, leaving the audience in awe.

The PRS SE T50E is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their musical experience.


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