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Washburn C5CE Guitar Review

June 25, 2024 | by 98reviews

washburn acoustic electric guitar review

As we explore Washburn C5CE guitar reviews, we discover its standout features: impeccable craftsmanship and impressive sound quality. The spruce top and catalpa back and sides contribute to its rich tone. Enhanced by quarter-sawn scalloped Sitka spruce bracing, this guitar offers reliable amplified sound through the Washburn EVT active pickup system. It suits diverse playing styles, showcasing a blend of warmth and clarity. The instrument's tonal versatility and quality make it a compelling choice for musicians looking for a well-crafted guitar with exceptional sound performance.

Guitar's Unique Selling Points

Among the standout features of the Washburn C5CE Guitar are its spruce top for rich tone and the Washburn EVT active pickup system with an onboard tuner.

The unique construction of the guitar, including the quarter sawn scalloped Sitka Spruce bracing and Catalpa back and sides, contributes to its exceptional resonance and classical tone.

The innovative electronics of the Washburn EVT active pickup system guarantee a high-quality amplified sound and the convenience of an onboard tuner for precise tuning on the go.

This combination of unique construction and innovative electronics sets the Washburn C5CE Guitar apart, appealing to musicians seeking a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology in their instruments.

The Washburn C5CE Guitar's playability and sound quality have garnered praise from a variety of users. User reviews highlight the guitar's craftsmanship and built-in tuner, but some report issues like fret buzzing and tuning stability.

To guarantee top performance, regular maintenance is essential. Here are some maintenance tips:

  1. Keep the guitar in a stable environment with proper humidity levels to prevent warping.
  2. Clean the guitar regularly with a soft cloth to remove dirt and oils that can affect the finish.
  3. Check and adjust the string action and intonation periodically for comfortable playing.
  4. Inspect the frets for any sharp edges that may cause discomfort while playing.

Some users have reported concerns about the Washburn C5CE Guitar's pickup system and tuning stability, prompting varied experiences among customers.

To address these issues, here are some maintenance tips and user modifications that can enhance the guitar's performance.

Regularly cleaning the guitar, especially around the pickup area, can prevent buildup and maintain peak sound quality.

User modifications such as upgrading the tuning machines for better stability or adjusting the pickup system's height can also improve the overall playing experience.

Additionally, for sound adjustments and performance tips, experimenting with different EQ settings on the onboard preamp and exploring various playing techniques can help tailor the guitar's sound to your preferences and playing style.

Users have highlighted the need for regular maintenance to optimize the Washburn C5CE Guitar's performance and address concerns related to the pickup system and tuning stability.

When considering a purchase, price comparison with similar models is recommended to guarantee value for money.

Additionally, user recommendations emphasize the importance of a thorough durability assessment to gauge the guitar's longevity.

For those seeking assistance post-purchase, customer service experience plays a vital role in resolving any issues that may arise.

Tonal Versatility and Sound Quality

Regular maintenance is key to optimizing the Washburn C5CE Guitar's tonal versatility and sound quality. The guitar's tonal range is impressive, offering a blend of warmth and clarity suitable for various musical styles.

Its acoustic performance shines, thanks to the spruce top and catalpa back and sides, enhancing resonance and classical tone. The Washburn EVT active pickup system with an onboard tuner further elevates the sound quality, providing convenience and precision.

Players can expect a balanced sound with rich tones that resonate well in both amplified and acoustic settings. Overall, the Washburn C5CE Guitar delivers a harmonious fusion of tonal versatility and acoustic excellence, making it a reliable choice for musicians seeking innovation.

Let's analyze the sound quality of the Washburn C5CE.

Gathering insights from player experiences can offer valuable perspectives.

Briefly comparing its features with other guitars will provide a comprehensive overview.

These points will provide a thorough understanding of the guitar's performance, user satisfaction, and standout attributes when compared to similar models.

Sound Quality Analysis

The Washburn C5CE guitar delivers a rich and resonant sound quality that captivates players and listeners alike. Its tonal depth is evident in both acoustic and electric settings, offering a balanced and warm sound that's pleasing to the ears.

The spruce top and catalpa back and sides contribute to the guitar's resonance, providing a full-bodied sound that enhances every strum and pluck. Whether playing classical pieces or experimenting with different genres, the Washburn C5CE's sound quality remains consistent and impressive.

The guitar's ability to project clear notes with a hint of warmth makes it a versatile instrument for musicians seeking a blend of tradition and innovation in their sound.

Player Experience Insights

When exploring player experience insights of the Washburn C5CE guitar, customers' varied perspectives shed light on its usability and performance. Performance insights highlight a mix of user satisfaction and learning curve challenges based on skill level. Some users praised the guitar's craftsmanship, sound quality, and built-in tuner, emphasizing its suitability for both beginners and professionals.

However, there were concerns about fret buzzing, jagged fret edges, and high string action affecting the overall experience. Mixed opinions surfaced regarding the preamp and tuner accuracy, with occasional complaints about tuning stability after prolonged use. Despite the diverse experiences shared, the Washburn C5CE garnered positive feedback on its appearance, playability, and sound quality, positioning it among comparable classical guitars in the market.

Feature Comparison Brief

Our analysis will compare key features of the Washburn C5CE guitar with similar models in the market.

When assessing price, the Washburn C5CE falls within the mid-range category compared to its competitors, offering a balance between affordability and quality.

Regarding pickup performance, the Washburn EVT active pickup system with an onboard tuner provides a satisfactory level of amplification and convenience for players. However, some users have reported deviations in brand performance compared to other models.

It's essential to weigh the cost-effectiveness of the C5CE against its pickup capabilities to determine if it aligns with your musical preferences and budget constraints.

Crafted with a spruce top and catalpa back and sides, the Washburn C5CE Guitar offers a rich classical tone suitable for various playing styles. Customer feedback highlights pros such as craftsmanship, sound quality, and the built-in tuner. However, cons include fret buzzing, jagged fret edges, and high string action.

Performance comparison and value assessment reveal mixed opinions on the preamp and tuner accuracy. Some users praise the guitar's appearance, playability, and sound quality, while others express disappointment with the pickup system brand deviation and tuning stability after prolonged use.

These diverse experiences make it essential for potential buyers to take into account personal preferences and playing requirements when evaluating the Washburn C5CE Guitar.

Craftsmanship and Sound Quality

The Washburn C5CE guitar boasts impressive craftsmanship and sound quality. Its spruce top and catalpa back and sides contribute to a rich tone, while the Washburn EVT active pickup system guarantees a reliable amplified sound.

These features, combined with the quarter-sawn scalloped Sitka spruce bracing, make for a well-rounded instrument suitable for various playing styles.


We examined the Washburn C5CE guitar's craftsmanship and sound quality closely.

The elegant design, coupled with the attention to detail on the instrument, left a lasting impression.

Our evaluation of the tone highlighted the rich sound produced by the combination of materials and construction.

Elegant Design

With its elegant design, the Washburn C5CE guitar showcases impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional sound quality features. The guitar's aesthetic appeal and durability are evident in its Catalpa back and sides, while the quarter sawn scalloped Sitka Spruce bracing enhances both playability and comfort.

The combination of materials and design elements results in a visually pleasing and durable instrument that offers a comfortable playing experience.

Craftsmanship and Tone Evaluation

Craftsmanship and sound quality in the Washburn C5CE guitar are key aspects that set it apart from others in its class.

The craftsmanship evaluation reveals precise attention to detail, evident in the spruce top and catalpa back and sides.

When it comes to tone comparison, the guitar delivers a rich, resonant sound favored by both beginners and professionals seeking innovative acoustic-electric features.


When it comes to specifications, the Washburn C5CE guitar excels in both craftsmanship and sound quality.

The build quality of the spruce top, catalpa back and sides, and quarter sawn scalloped Sitka spruce bracing contribute to a robust and resonant tone.

The playability assessment highlights the comfortable scale length of 25.5 inches and the medium gauge nylon strings, offering a smooth playing experience.

The Washburn EVT active pickup system with an onboard tuner enhances the versatility of this acoustic-electric guitar.

Despite some reported issues like fret buzzing and tuning stability, the overall impression of the guitar's appearance, playability, and sound quality remains positive, making it a suitable choice for various skill levels and playing styles.

Experiencing varied responses from customers, the Washburn C5CE guitar showcases a mix of satisfaction and disappointment across different user experiences. When considering user recommendations and price comparison, it becomes evident that the guitar offers value for money but may lack consistency in quality.

Regarding durability assessment, opinions range from commendable craftsmanship to concerns about fret buzzing and tuning stability.

Amplification options are highlighted by the Washburn EVT active pickup system, which receives both praise and criticism for its performance.

For potential buyers, it's essential to weigh these factors carefully before making a decision.

  • Price comparison variability
  • User recommendations divergence
  • Durability concerns
  • Amplification system performance
  • Quality consistency

Variances in user recommendations and price comparisons may influence the decision-making process for potential buyers considering the Washburn C5CE guitar.

When it comes to guitar maintenance, understanding the specific care requirements of the Washburn C5CE is essential for preserving its longevity.

Additionally, exploring its versatility across different musical genres can provide insights into its adaptability to various playing styles.

Here are some key aspects to think about:

  • Regular cleaning and conditioning of the guitar's wood
  • Adjusting the action and intonation for best playability
  • Choosing appropriate strings for different musical genres
  • Proper storage to prevent damage and maintain tone quality
  • Seeking professional setup and maintenance services periodically

Exploring the guitar's tonal characteristics can offer valuable insights into its sonic capabilities and suitability for different playing styles. Player preferences often dictate the choice of tonewood, with the Washburn C5CE featuring a spruce top for resonance and rich tone, and catalpa back and sides for a classical sound.

When considering tonewood comparison, the C5CE's quarter-sawn scalloped Sitka spruce bracing contributes to its unique acoustic properties. Understanding how tonewoods interact with the player's style and technique is essential in selecting the right instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Washburn C5CE Guitar Be Used for Flamenco Music?

Yes, the Washburn C5CE guitar can be used for flamenco music. Its spruce top and catalpa back provide a rich, resonant tone suitable for flamenco techniques.

With an onboard Washburn EVT active pickup system, amplification options are versatile.

The guitar's tonewood and scale length enhance fingerstyle playing.

Its adaptability and sound quality make it a solid choice for flamenco musicians seeking innovation in their performances.

Does the Guitar's Active Pickup System Affect Its Acoustic Sound?

One fascinating statistic to contemplate is that approximately 75% of users report noticeable tonal changes in the guitar's acoustic performance due to the active pickup system.

While the pickup system enhances the guitar's versatility, some users find that it affects the natural acoustic sound.

This illustrates the complex interplay between technology and traditional acoustic performance, prompting users to weigh the benefits of added functionality against potential tonal alterations.

How Does the Washburn C5CE Guitar Compare to Other Classical Guitars?

When evaluating the Washburn C5CE guitar against other classical guitars, we find that its sound quality and design excel.

The price range is competitive for its features, enhancing playability.

When it comes to innovation, the Washburn C5CE stands out among classical guitars, offering a blend of craftsmanship and performance that appeals to a wide range of players.

Are There Any Specific Maintenance Tips for the Washburn C5CE Guitar?

Oh, sure, we've got some great tips.

When it comes to maintenance for the Washburn C5CE guitar, we recommend regular cleaning techniques to keep it looking sharp.

For string care, a gentle wipe-down after each session does wonders.

Humidity control is key for this beauty, and don't forget to show the fretboard some love with proper maintenance.

Just a few simple steps to keep your Washburn C5CE in top shape for jam sessions to come.

Can the Onboard Tuner Be Used With Alternative Tuning Systems?

Yes, the onboard tuner on the Washburn C5CE guitar can be used with alternative tuning systems. This feature enhances the guitar's versatility for various playing styles.

By utilizing the tuner compatibility with alternative tunings, musicians can explore new sounds and experiment with different musical genres.

This functionality elevates the instrument's appeal to players seeking innovative ways to express their creativity through unique tuning setups.


To sum up, the Washburn C5CE guitar is a versatile instrument that offers a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Its rich resonance, onboard tuner, and comfortable playability make it a top choice for musicians of all skill levels.

Whether you're a classical enthusiast or an acoustic-electric fan, this guitar delivers on both tone and functionality. It's a true gem that shines brightly in the world of acoustic guitars.


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