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Washburn C5CE Guitar Review

June 16, 2024 | by 98reviews

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We've found that the Washburn C5CE guitar truly impresses with its craftsmanship and exceptional sound quality. Users rave about its appearance, sound, and ease of play. While some mention fret buzz and high string action issues, the overall consensus is positive due to its quality, finish, and intonation. Tuning stability experiences vary among users, yet the guitar's affordability is noted. The Washburn EVT active pickup system receives mixed reviews, but the C5CE is considered to offer solid value. For those looking for a well-crafted instrument with rich tonal qualities, the C5CE might be the perfect choice.

Review Highlights: Washburn C5CE

In our assessment of the Washburn C5CE guitar, we were impressed by the craftsmanship and sound quality that stood out as notable highlights. Customer feedback highlighted the positive aspects of the guitar, with many praising its appearance, sound, and playability at a reasonable price point.

However, concerns were raised regarding fret buzz, high string action, and discrepancies in the pickup system branding. Despite these issues, the Washburn C5CE garnered admiration for its quality, finish, and intonation.

Guitar comparison discussions revealed a mix of experiences with setup, tuning stability, and the pickup system. Users shared personal stories of purchasing decisions, expectations, and surprises with the overall performance when compared to other guitars in the market.

Continuing our exploration of the Washburn C5CE guitar, we now shift our focus to users' experiences with the setup and tuning stability of this instrument. User experiences vary, with some praising the easy setup process and consistent tuning stability, while others express concerns about frequent retuning and adjustments.

Price comparisons with similar models highlight the C5CE's affordability for the quality it offers, making it an attractive option for those seeking a budget-friendly yet reliable acoustic-electric guitar.

Despite some mixed feedback on tuning stability, many users appreciate the overall value and performance provided by the Washburn C5CE, noting its playability and sound quality as standout features.

These insights from users offer valuable perspectives for potential buyers considering this instrument.

Exploring users' feedback on the Washburn C5CE's pickup system and its impact on the overall playing experience, we found a mix of opinions. Some users praised the Washburn EVT active pickup system for its clear amplification and convenient onboard tuner. However, others expressed concerns about inconsistencies in the pickup system's performance and branding.

When considering the price comparison, many users appreciated the guitar's reasonable cost in relation to its craftsmanship, sound quality, and playability. Some users noted that despite minor issues like fret buzz and string action, the Washburn C5CE offered a solid value proposition. Overall, user experiences varied, with some finding the guitar to be a great buy for the features it offers at its price point.

After evaluating the pickup system, let's delve into users' experiences with the Washburn C5CE's tuning stability. Many users have reported mixed feedback on the guitar's tuning stability. While some have found it reliable and easy to maintain, others have encountered issues with frequent tuning adjustments.

It seems that individual experiences vary, possibly due to factors like string quality and environmental conditions. Additionally, users have highlighted the importance of investing in the best accessories to enhance the guitar's performance. High-quality strings, a stable guitar stand, and a reliable tuner are often recommended to improve the overall playing experience.

Considering user feedback on tuning stability and the impact of accessories, it's essential to find the right combination for top performance with the Washburn C5CE.

Tonal Qualities and Playability

Users have shared diverse insights on the tonal qualities and playability of the Washburn C5CE guitar, highlighting its unique sound characteristics and performance capabilities.

The tonal characteristics of the C5CE are praised for their warmth and clarity, making it suitable for various playing styles.

When it comes to fingerstyle performance, this guitar excels in producing articulate notes with a balanced tonal range. Players appreciate the ease of playing intricate melodies and intricate chord progressions due to its smooth neck and comfortable action.

The C5CE's playability encourages creativity and experimentation, allowing musicians to explore different genres and techniques effortlessly.

Let's talk about the key aspects that make the Washburn C5CE guitar stand out.

From the sound quality impressions that users have shared to the ease of setup and playability, these factors play an essential role in the overall experience.

Additionally, we'll explore the performance of the pickup system and how it contributes to the versatility of this instrument.

Sound Quality Impressions

We consistently marveled at the rich and resonant sound quality produced by the Washburn Classical C5CE guitar. Its sound projection was impressive, filling the room with warm and vibrant tones that seemed to dance effortlessly.

The tonal nuances were exquisite, allowing for a wide range of expression and dynamics in our playing. Whether strumming gently or plucking individual notes, the guitar delivered a full-bodied sound that captivated our ears.

Each string resonated beautifully, creating a harmonious blend that was both soothing and invigorating. The Washburn C5CE truly excelled in bringing out the subtleties of our music, enhancing our playing experience with its exceptional sound quality.

Setup and Playability

Setting up the Washburn Classical C5CE guitar was straightforward, and its playability was immediately impressive. The action was comfortable, allowing for smooth chord shifts and intricate fingerpicking.

To enhance the playability further, we recommend ensuring the neck relief is adjusted correctly for your playing style. Additionally, experimenting with different string tensions can improve the guitar's responsiveness to your touch.

When tuning, pay attention to the nylon strings' sensitivity to temperature and humidity changes, ensuring stable tuning for extended playing sessions.

Pickup System Performance

The Washburn Classical C5CE guitar's pickup system performance showcases a blend of clarity and versatility that enhances its acoustic-electric capabilities.

While some users have reported pickup system issues such as inconsistent signal levels or unwanted feedback, there are solutions available. Troubleshooting techniques like adjusting the pickup height or experimenting with EQ settings can often address these issues effectively.

For those seeking alternatives, aftermarket pickups or preamps could offer a different tonal profile or improved performance.

Regarding the Washburn C5CE guitar's active pickup system, its EVT active pickup system enhances versatility by delivering a clear and dynamic amplified sound. Users recommend this feature for its ability to capture the guitar's natural acoustic tone while offering seamless integration with amplifiers and sound systems.

When comparing prices, the Washburn C5CE stands out as a budget-friendly option with premium features like the active pickup system, making it an attractive choice for both beginners and experienced players looking for quality at a reasonable price.

This blend of affordability and advanced technology makes the Washburn C5CE an excellent option for those seeking innovative performance.

Craftsmanship and Sound Quality

We can't help but admire the artistry in the Washburn C5CE's craftsmanship, from the spruce top to the scalloped Sitka Spruce bracing.

The Catalpa back and sides offer a classical tone that complements the detailed mosaic rosette on the mahogany neck.

When it comes to sound quality, the combination of these features delivers a resonant and rich acoustic experience.


The Washburn C5CE guitar boasts exquisite craftsmanship and sound quality that truly stand out.

When evaluating craftsmanship, we observe the attention to detail in the construction and finishing of the instrument.

The sound produced by this guitar is rich, resonant, and sure to captivate any musician.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Sound

What distinguishes the Washburn C5CE guitar in regards to craftsmanship and sound quality?

The design aesthetics of the C5CE showcase intricate details that appeal to the modern musician.

Its acoustic resonance, enhanced by the spruce top and Catalpa back and sides, delivers a rich and balanced tone.

This combination of design and quality craftsmanship results in a guitar that stands out for its exceptional sound performance.

Craftsmanship and Sound Evaluation

Crafting a harmonious blend of detailed aesthetics and resonant tonality, the Washburn C5CE guitar showcases a meticulous balance between form and function.

The craftsmanship evaluation reveals precise attention to detail, enhancing the instrument's overall appeal.

Sound analysis highlights the rich classical tone produced by the spruce top and catalpa back and sides, further accentuated by the Washburn EVT active pickup system.


When it comes to craftsmanship and sound quality, the Washburn C5CE guitar impresses with its attention to detail and rich, resonant tones. The build quality of this guitar is exceptional, with a spruce top and catalpa back and sides carefully selected for their tonal properties.

The quarter sawn scalloped Sitka spruce bracing enhances the instrument's resonance, while the mahogany neck adds stability and a warm tone. The Washburn EVT active pickup system with an onboard tuner further enhances the versatility of this classical acoustic-electric guitar, providing clear amplification and easy tuning options.

Discussing the setup and playability of the Washburn C5CE guitar reveals the instrument's versatility and comfort during performance.

User Experiences:

Diverse feedback on setup ease and playability from users, highlighting individual preferences and playing styles.


Varied comparisons made by users with other guitars regarding comfort, sound quality, and pricing.

Pricing & Warranty:

Mixed opinions on the pricing concerning the guitar's features, with users appreciating the available manufacturer support including the warranty.

The Washburn C5CE guitar's adaptability and ease of use shine through in user experiences, where personal preferences and comparisons to other models play an important role in shaping opinions on its value and performance.

Our evaluation of the Washburn C5CE guitar's sound quality explores its tonal characteristics and performance under various playing conditions.

  1. User Experiences: Users have praised its craftsmanship, sound quality, and built-in tuner. However, some have expressed concerns about fret buzz and high string action.
  2. Recommendations: Despite these minor issues, the guitar offers a satisfying playing experience at a reasonable price point.
  3. Pricing, Warranty Information: Potential buyers should be mindful that the manufacturer offers warranty and support options, allowing for peace of mind with their purchase. It's advisable to contemplate the overall value proposition, including the pricing and warranty, before making a decision.

Users' personal experiences with the Washburn Classical C5CE guitar shed light on its setup, tuning stability, and pickup system functionality. Some users found the setup straightforward, praising the guitar's ease of playability. However, others faced challenges with tuning stability, noting the need for frequent adjustments.

The pickup system received mixed reviews, with some users delighted by its functionality and others encountering discrepancies in sound quality. These experiences influenced users' buying decisions, with some choosing the C5CE for its reasonable price and overall performance, while others expressed disappointment in comparison to other guitars.

Understanding these varied user experiences can help potential buyers make informed decisions based on their specific preferences and expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Washburn C5CE Come With a Case or Gig Bag?

We don't offer case options or gig bag variations with the Washburn C5CE guitar.

When it comes to storage considerations and travel protection, users may want to explore third-party options for safeguarding their instrument.

It's essential to prioritize the guitar's safety with a suitable case or gig bag to prevent damage during transportation and storage.

Be proactive in securing the right gear to keep your guitar in top condition wherever you go.

Can the Washburn C5CE Be Easily Connected to an Amplifier?

The Washburn C5CE guitar can easily be connected to an amplifier for amplified sound.

With its Washburn EVT active pickup system, this guitar guarantees seamless compatibility and exceptional sound quality.

Its portability and straightforward connection make amplification a breeze, enhancing your playing experience.

Are There Any Recommended String Upgrades for the C5ce?

When upgrading strings for the C5CE, we recommend exploring different materials like fluorocarbon or titanium for unique tones. Brands such as D'Addario Pro-Arte or Savarez Alliance can provide enhanced sound quality.

Experimenting with higher tension strings can improve playability and projection. Consider your tone preferences and desired playability enhancements when selecting new strings for the Washburn C5CE.

How Does the Washburn C5CE Handle Different Music Genres?

When exploring various music genres, the Washburn C5CE impresses with its tone versatility and adaptable playing dynamics.

This guitar effortlessly shifts between styles, delivering rich tones and responsive dynamics. Its ability to capture the essence of different genres makes playing an exciting journey of discovery.

From classical to contemporary, the C5CE excels in showcasing the nuances and complexities of diverse musical styles.

Is the Washburn C5CE Suitable for Beginners or More Experienced Players?

For players of any skill level, the Washburn C5CE offers a versatile experience. Its sound quality and versatility cater to both beginners and experienced players alike.

The guitar's ability to adapt to different music genres makes it a suitable choice for anyone looking for a dynamic instrument.

Its craftsmanship, playability, and built-in tuner provide a well-rounded experience for all levels of expertise.


To sum up, the Washburn C5CE Guitar is a musical masterpiece that transcends time and space, delivering an otherworldly blend of classical elegance and modern innovation. Its rich tones and effortless playability will transport you to a world of musical bliss, where every strum creates a symphony of sonic perfection.

This guitar isn't just an instrument, but a gateway to a world of limitless musical possibilities. Don't just play music, experience it with the Washburn C5CE.


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