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Washburn DFEACE Guitar Review

July 5, 2024 | by 98reviews

detailed washburn dfeace guitar review

We explore the unique features and rich tones of the Washburn DFEACE guitar, tailored for musicians craving warmth and versatility. The guitar's Okoume back and sides team up for a warm, dark tone, perfect for rock and blues genres. Its auditorium cutaway body design not only boosts articulation but also offers a sleek appearance. With an onboard Barcus Berry active pre-amp and tuner, stage performances shine. If you're after a guitar that delivers a blend of playability and distinctive tone, the Washburn DFEACE might just be your next go-to choice.

Review Highlights & Analysis

We thoroughly examined the customer reviews to provide a detailed analysis of the Washburn DFEACE guitar's performance and features.

Regarding tone quality, users praised the rich low-end warmth, a unique feature not commonly found in spruce top guitars. The Okoume back and sides contribute to this warm, dark tone, particularly suitable for rock and blues genres.

Playability factors were also highly rated, with the auditorium cutaway body design enhancing articulation and making it easier to play higher frets. The onboard Barcus Berry active pre-amp with tuner further adds to the guitar's stage performance capabilities.

Let's explore the construction and materials used in the Washburn DFEACE guitar to understand its unique sound profile.

The guitar craftsmanship showcases a blend of striped ebony and okoume wood, offering durability and a warm tone not commonly found in spruce top guitars.

The auditorium cutaway body design enhances playability, allowing for comfortable access to higher frets and added articulation.

This guitar boasts an adjustable bridge system for personalized setup preferences.

The combination of these elements results in a rich low-end sound with a unique warmth, making it suitable for rock and blues genres.

The Washburn DFEACE prioritizes both playability and comfort, ensuring an enjoyable playing experience for musicians seeking innovation in their sound.

Exploring the unique tonal qualities of the Washburn DFEACE guitar's striped ebony top and okoume back and sides reveals its distinct warmth and rich low-end sound profile. The guitar's Ebony ACE benefits shine through its beautiful ebony woodgrain, offering a visually striking appearance that complements its exceptional sound.

When it comes to playability, the Ebony ACE guarantees a smooth and comfortable experience, allowing for effortless shifts and intricate playing styles. Additionally, the integrated Ebony electronics enhance the overall performance, delivering a stage-ready sound that's both versatile and dynamic.

With the Washburn DFEACE, you not only get a guitar with impressive tonal characteristics but also one that excels in both aesthetics and functionality.

The Auditorium cutaway design of the Washburn DFEACE guitar enhances playability and articulation for modern musicians.

The guitar's unique Ebony ACE benefits offer a rich low-end warmth not typical of other materials, adding durability to the instrument.

When it comes to customization options and accessories, the DFEACE provides a range of possibilities for players looking to personalize their sound and style.

From different types of strings to strap locks, capos, and picks, the guitar allows for easy modification to suit individual preferences.

With these options at hand, musicians can tailor their Washburn DFEACE to meet their specific needs and create a truly personalized playing experience.

Unique Ebony ACE Features

We'll explore the unique features of Ebony ACE found in the Washburn DFEACE guitar.

The Ebony ACE aesthetics on this guitar are truly striking, with a striped ebony top that not only looks exquisite but also enhances playability.

The Ebony ACE electronics provide unmatched versatility, thanks to the onboard Barcus Berry LX4 Active Pre-amp with a tuner. This feature allows for smooth shifts between acoustic and electric sounds, making it ideal for various playing styles and settings.

Whether you value aesthetics, playability, or versatility, the Washburn DFEACE guitar with its unique Ebony ACE features is sure to impress and elevate your musical experience.

Let's talk about the unique features that make the Washburn DFEACE stand out.

The guitar's Ebony ACE tone delivers rich lows and warmth uncommon in spruce top guitars.

With enhanced tone articulation and integrated Barcus Berry electronics, this guitar is ready for the stage.

Unique Ebony ACE Tone

Revealing the distinctive warmth and rich low-end of the unique Ebony ACE tone sets the Washburn DFEACE guitar apart from traditional spruce top models.

The Ebony ACE versatility allows for a wide range of tones, while its guarantee long-lasting performance.

When it comes to Ebony ACE playability, the guitar offers a smooth and comfortable playing experience, making it easy to handle during extended sessions.

Additionally, the Ebony ACE aesthetics provide a visually striking appearance that complements the guitar's exceptional sound.

With the Washburn DFEACE, you can expect a blend of innovation and tradition, making it a standout choice for musicians seeking a guitar that delivers both distinctive tone and style.

Enhanced Tone Articulation

The Washburn DFEACE guitar delivers enhanced tone articulation through its Auditorium cutaway design and integrated Barcus Berry active electronics. This combination allows for precise control over the nuances of your sound, making it ideal for players who value clarity and definition in their music.

When utilizing various playing techniques, such as fingerpicking or strumming, the guitar responds with a balanced and articulate tone across the entire frequency spectrum. The Auditorium body shape enhances the projection of each note, ensuring that your playing isn't only heard but felt.

Whether you're exploring intricate melodies or laying down rhythmic chords, the DFEACE guitar's enhanced tone articulation provides a dynamic platform for your musical expression.

Stage-Ready Electronics Integration

We integrated high-quality Barcus Berry active electronics into the Washburn DFEACE guitar for excellent stage performance. The Barcus Berry LX4 Active Pre-amp with tuner guarantees optimal sound quality and responsiveness, making this guitar ideal for live performances.

The onboard electronics provide a smooth shift from acoustic to amplified sound, allowing for versatility on stage. With the integrated electronics, you can easily adjust your tone to suit different venues and musical styles, enhancing your stage presence.

The Barcus Berry system delivers a rich, warm tone that resonates well in live settings, ensuring your performance stands out. Elevate your stage performance with the Washburn DFEACE guitar's exceptional electronics integration.

After exploring the Washburn DFEACE guitar's key features and customer feedback, a standout attribute is the instrument's unique warmth and rich low-end tones, setting it apart from traditional spruce top guitars.

When it comes to playing techniques, the DFEACE excels in producing a rich, dark tone suitable for rock and blues songs, enhancing the overall sound quality of your performance.

For maintenance tips, regular cleaning and conditioning of the ebony top can help preserve its stunning appearance and tonal quality over time.

Additionally, for customization ideas, consider experimenting with different string gauges to further tailor the guitar's sound to your preferences.

The Washburn DFEACE offers a blend of warmth and playability that can elevate your musical experience.

Ebony Woodgrain and Warmth

We love how the striped ebony top of the Washburn DFEACE guitar contributes to its unique aesthetic.

The warm tones produced by the Okoume back and sides add depth to the overall sound, making it suitable for various music genres.

These features, combined with the auditorium cutaway body, create a guitar that not only looks stunning but also delivers a rich, warm tone.


We admire the striped Ebony top of the Washburn DFEACE guitar for its distinctive appearance. It adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the instrument.

The Ebony woodgrain truly sets this guitar apart.

Striped Ebony's Distinctive Appearance

Highlighting the rich ebony woodgrain and warm tonal characteristics, the Washburn DFEACE guitar stands out with its distinctive appearance.

Ebony's durability and sustainability contribute to its lasting beauty. Its tonal qualities and low maintenance make it a practical choice for players seeking both aesthetics and functionality.

The striped ebony top adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the guitar's overall appeal.

Ebony's Distinctive Appearance

The Washburn DFEACE guitar's striped ebony top showcases a distinctive woodgrain pattern and warm tonal characteristics. Ebony's durability and elegance make it a sustainable choice, appealing both aesthetically and functionally.

Sourced responsibly, ebony offers a unique blend of strength and sophistication, adding a touch of luxury to the guitar's appearance. Its rich, dark hues and intricate grain patterns contribute to the instrument's overall allure.


Ebony Woodgrain and warmth combine in the Washburn DFEACE Guitar to deliver a rich, dark tone preferred for rock and blues genres.

The Okoume back and sides contribute to the warmth not typically found in spruce top guitars, enhancing the low-end richness.

The striped Ebony top not only provides a stunning visual appeal but also influences the guitar's overall tone quality.

The Auditorium cutaway body design enhances playability, allowing for easier access to higher frets and improved articulation.

The Barcus Berry LX4 Active Pre-amp with tuner guarantees reliable electronics performance, making this guitar stage-ready with its integrated system.

For those seeking a blend of unique aesthetics and exceptional sound, the Washburn DFEACE Guitar stands out with its distinctive wood materials and high-quality electronics.

Upon using the Washburn DFEACE guitar, we found its warm, dark tone to be particularly well-suited for rock and blues music genres.

  • Playability Analysis:

The auditorium cutaway body allows for easy access to higher frets, enhancing playability.

  • Sound Quality Comparison:

The Barcus Berry LX4 Active Pre-amp delivers clear, amplified sound perfect for stage performances.

  • Design Aesthetics:

The striped ebony top and okoume back and sides offer a visually striking appearance.

  • Customer Feedback:

Positive reviews highlight the guitar's exceptional balance, beautiful ebony woodgrain, and its warm tone that resonates well with specific music genres.

The Washburn DFEACE guitar impresses not only with its sound quality but also its design and playability, making it a top choice for musicians seeking innovation.

After testing the Washburn DFEACE guitar, we noticed its versatility in accommodating various playing styles. Here are some key points we discovered:

  • Playability Assessment: The guitar offers smooth fretboard action, making it easy to play complex chords and melodies.
  • Tone Comparison: The warm tones from the Okoume back and sides provide a rich sound suitable for a variety of music genres.
  • Design Aesthetics: The striped ebony top and auditorium cutaway body give the guitar a modern and stylish appearance.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Positive reviews praise the guitar's quality construction, beautiful woodgrain, and excellent balance, satisfying the needs of discerning musicians.

Having explored the Washburn DFEACE guitar's playability and tone, let's now shift our focus to its innovative electronics and stage performance capabilities.

The onboard Barcus Berry LX4 Active Pre-amp with tuner enhances the guitar's versatility, making it stage-ready for any performance.

Customer preferences lean towards the warm, dark tones suitable for rock and blues, accentuated by the unique richness of the Ebony ACE woodgrain.

The cutaway design allows for easy access to higher frets, offering playability advantages that cater to various playing styles.

It's worth noting that there's a period of adjustment required for peak performance, ensuring that the guitar reaches its full potential over time.

With its combination of quality craftsmanship and advanced electronics, the Washburn DFEACE is a versatile instrument that meets the demands of modern musicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Washburn DFEACE Guitar Suitable for Beginners?

For beginners, the Washburn DFEACE guitar setup offers a versatile option. Its modern design and onboard electronics make it user-friendly.

Playing techniques adapt well to the auditorium cutaway body, aiding in higher fret access. The warm tones of the Okoume back and sides provide a favorable learning experience.

How Does the Ebony Top Affect the Guitar's Tone?

The ebony top on a guitar can enhance its tone by providing a rich, warm sound with excellent sustain. This feature contributes to a unique and resonant quality in the instrument's sound, making it ideal for genres like rock and blues.

Additionally, the ebony top can also improve playability by offering a smooth surface for comfortable fretting and strumming.

Can the Barcus Berry Electronics Be Customized?

Absolutely, the Barcus Berry electronics on the Washburn DFEACE can indeed be customized to suit your preferences. This system offers various customization options that allow you to tailor the sound to your liking.

Its unique features give you the flexibility to adjust and enhance your tone for a personalized playing experience. So, feel free to explore the customization capabilities of the Barcus Berry electronics to elevate your musical performance.

Does the Guitar Come With a Case or Gig Bag?

We don't provide a case or gig bag with the guitar. Guitar accessories like cases are essential for traveling musicians. It's wise to invest in a durable case for protection during transport.

Many options offer both style and functionality, ensuring your instrument stays safe on the road. Consider a case that suits your needs and style to keep your Washburn DFEACE secure while on the move.

What Kind of Strings Are Recommended for This Guitar?

When it comes to strings for this guitar, we recommend sticking with a light string gauge to maintain the warm tone quality.

Opting for phosphor bronze strings would be ideal due to their longevity and ability to enhance the rich low-end sound of the striped ebony top.


To sum up, the Washburn DFEACE guitar is a dynamic delight for musicians seeking superb sound and style.

With its Ebony ACE features and warm woodgrain tones, this guitar is a true treasure for players at any level.

Whether strumming on stage or jamming at home, the DFEACE delivers a delightful and dynamic experience.

So, grab this guitar and get grooving with greatness!


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