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Washburn Guitar Review: Natural Acoustic-Electric WCG66SCE-O

June 19, 2024 | by 98reviews

natural tone in wcg66sce o

We love the Washburn WCG66SCE-O Natural Acoustic-Electric guitar for its solid Cedar and Spalted Maple combo that creates a warm and bright tone. The craftsmanship elevates its sonic performance, enhancing resonance and projection. Visually striking with a Cedar soundboard and Spalted Maple body, this guitar offers an elegant Grand Auditorium style. Some players find the Comfort Deluxe Armrest boosts their playing experience. The Fishman 501T Presys+ system further enhances sound quality, making it perfect for stage performances. This guitar is a unique blend of aesthetics and great sound, perfect for those seeking innovative profiles.

WCG66SCE-O Guitar Review

The Washburn WCG66SCE-O acoustic-electric guitar offers a unique blend of comfort, style, and premium sound quality. In our performance assessment, we found that this guitar excels on stage, thanks to its Fishman electronics.

Customers have expressed high satisfaction with the tonal characteristics and build quality, praising its resonance and unique sound profile. The solid Canadian Western Red Cedar soundboard and Spalted Maple body contribute to its exceptional sound.

While some feedback mentioned high string action and pricing concerns, overall customer satisfaction remains positive. The guitar's ergonomic design, including the Comfort Deluxe Armrest, enhances playability, making it a versatile instrument for various playing styles.

This model is a great choice for those seeking a balance of aesthetics and performance.

Moving on from our review of the Washburn WCG66SCE-O acoustic-electric guitar, let's now focus on the guitar's electronics and sound performance.

The sound assessment of this guitar showcases a unique blend of the solid Canadian Western Red Cedar soundboard and Spalted Maple body, delivering a rich, resonant tone.

The premium Fishman electronics, including the 501T Presys+ integrated tuner/preamp system, contribute to an outstanding stage performance.

When it comes to build quality, the Comfort Deluxe Armrest enhances playability, while the Mahogany neck and Ovangkol fingerboard guarantee durability.

Regarding customer satisfaction, users have praised the aesthetics and sound quality of the WCG66SCE-O. Additionally, warranty options are available upon request for added peace of mind.

How does the Fishman 501T Presys+ integrated tuner/preamp system contribute to the stage performance of the Washburn WCG66SCE-O acoustic-electric guitar?

The Fishman 501T Presys+ system enhances the sound evaluation during live performances by providing precise tuning and versatile tone shaping capabilities. Its user-friendly design allows for quick adjustments, ensuring an excellent user experience on stage.

Craftsmanship quality is reflected in the seamless integration of this advanced preamp system, which complements the guitar's solid Canadian Western Red Cedar soundboard and Spalted Maple body.

The system adds value to the overall performance of the WCG66SCE-O, offering musicians a reliable tool for achieving exceptional sound quality and tonal flexibility during their performances.

Discussing the guitar's build quality and playability, some customers have expressed concerns about the high string action and pricing of the Washburn WCG66SCE-O acoustic-electric guitar.

While the tonewood combination of solid Canadian Western Red Cedar for the soundboard and Spalted Maple for the body provides a unique sound, customers have highlighted the importance of adjustments due to the high string action.

Additionally, a price analysis reveals that some buyers find the guitar slightly expensive compared to similar models in the market. When looking at customer feedback and warranty coverage, users can share their thoughts on pricing and receive manufacturer's warranty upon request.

It's crucial to take these aspects into account alongside the instrument's overall playability and tonal qualities.

Unique Sound Qualities

The Washburn WCG66SCE-O acoustic-electric guitar offers a distinctive sound characterized by its solid Canadian Western Red Cedar soundboard and Spalted Maple body. These wood selections contribute to the unique tonal characteristics of the instrument.

The solid Cedar top provides warmth and depth to the sound, while the Spalted Maple body adds clarity and brightness. Together, they create a balanced and rich tonal profile, perfect for a variety of playing styles.

The combination of these premium woods enhances the overall resonance and projection of the guitar, providing a dynamic and expressive sound that sets it apart from other acoustic-electric guitars.

Players seeking innovative sound qualities will appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail in the Washburn WCG66SCE-O.

Let's talk about the POINTS:

  • Appraising the guitar's sound quality.
  • Evaluating its aesthetics and design.
  • Examining its playability.

These aspects are vital in determining the overall performance and satisfaction with the Washburn guitar.

Sound Quality Assessment

Evaluating the sound quality of the Washburn 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural (WCG66SCE-O) reveals its unique blend of solid Cedar and Spalted Maple tones that resonate with clarity and depth.

The tonal characteristics of this guitar showcase a harmonious marriage between the warmth of Cedar and the bright articulation of Maple, offering a balanced sound suitable for various playing styles.

Craftsmanship evaluation highlights the meticulous construction contributing to the guitar's sonic performance.

When compared to traditional acoustic guitars, the WCG66SCE-O's acoustic-electric capabilities stand out, delivering a versatile range of tones both unplugged and amplified.

This guitar isn't only a delight to play but also a reflection of Washburn's commitment to innovation in sound quality and design.

Aesthetics and Design

Moving on to the aesthetics and design aspect of the Washburn 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural (WCG66SCE-O), its visual appeal and construction details are worth exploring.

The guitar boasts a visually striking appearance with its solid Canadian Western Red Cedar soundboard and Spalted Maple body, creating a unique and eye-catching design.

The Grand Auditorium style, coupled with the Venetian cutaway, adds elegance to its overall look.

The inclusion of the Comfort Deluxe Armrest not only enhances playing comfort but also contributes to the sleek design.

These design elements come together harmoniously, making the Washburn WCG66SCE-O a guitar that not only sounds great but also stands out aesthetically.

Playability Evaluation

We'll assess the playability of the Washburn 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural (WCG66SCE-O) based on user experiences and design features.

Users have provided positive playability feedback, highlighting the comfortable Deluxe Armrest that enhances the playing experience. The ergonomic design of the Comfort Series, including the recurved armrest, contributes to a comfortable playing posture.

Some users have mentioned concerns about high string action affecting playability.

With regards to customer service experience, feedback varies, with some customers expressing satisfaction and others raising concerns.

Pricing is another aspect that users have commented on, with some feeling that the guitar offers good value for its features, while others have raised pricing concerns in comparison to similar models.

Based on customer reviews and product specifications, the Washburn WCG66SCE-O acoustic-electric guitar offers a unique blend of comfort, sound quality, and stage performance features.

The tone assessment reveals a rich and resonant sound due to the solid Canadian Western Red Cedar soundboard and Spalted Maple body. Players have praised the comfort level, particularly the Deluxe Armrest that enhances playing experience.

When it comes to electronics performance, the Fishman electronics system delivers outstanding stage performance, ensuring a clear and powerful sound projection.

Playability assessment highlights the ease of playing this guitar, thanks to its ergonomic design and versatile features.

Unique Spalted Maple Body

We love the Washburn guitar's unique Spalted Maple body, which adds a touch of elegance to its design.

The combination of the solid Cedar top and Spalted Maple body not only enhances its visual appeal but also contributes to a distinct and rich sound.

These features make the Washburn guitar a standout option for players seeking both style and quality in their instrument.


The Washburn guitar's unique Spalted Maple body catches our eye with its stunning aesthetic appeal.

The intricate patterns in the wood add a touch of elegance and individuality to the instrument.

Its distinctive look sets it apart from other guitars, making it a standout choice for players seeking both style and quality.

Spalted Maple's Aesthetic Appeal

With its unique Spalted Maple body, this Washburn guitar showcases a visually striking aesthetic appeal that sets it apart from traditional acoustic-electric guitars.

The wood selection of Spalted Maple not only provides a distinct look but also adds a touch of elegance to the instrument.

The intricate patterns and colors of the Spalted Maple grain contribute to the guitar's overall visual impact, making it a standout choice for players seeking innovation.

Spalted Maple Aesthetic Appeal

Featuring a unique Spalted Maple body, the Washburn guitar captivates with its distinct visual allure, setting it apart from conventional acoustic-electric instruments.

The intricate wood grain of the Spalted Maple creates a mesmerizing pattern that adds depth and character to the guitar's appearance.

Its visual appeal is sure to catch the eye of musicians seeking a touch of innovation in their instrument choices.


Crafted with a unique Spalted Maple body, this Washburn acoustic-electric guitar offers a distinct aesthetic and contributes to its rich, resonant sound quality.

The build quality of the Spalted Maple body enhances the guitar's durability and resonance, ensuring a long-lasting and premium playing experience.

Additionally, the manufacturer provides warranty coverage, giving peace of mind to players in case of any unforeseen issues.

With attention to detail in both design and construction, this guitar not only stands out visually but also delivers a high level of performance.

The Spalted Maple body not only adds a touch of sophistication but also plays an essential role in shaping the overall sound profile, making it a versatile and innovative instrument for musicians seeking quality and style.

The Washburn 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural (WCG66SCE-O) offers a unique blend of comfort, style, and exceptional sound quality. When it comes to evaluating tone, customers have expressed high satisfaction with the rich and resonant sound produced by this guitar.

Comfort features such as the deluxe ergonomic armrest have received positive playability feedback, enhancing the overall playing experience.

Here are some key points to take into account:

  • Superior tone quality
  • Excellent resonance
  • Comfortable playability
  • Stylish aesthetics
  • Positive customer satisfaction

With its ergonomic design, premium materials, and outstanding electronics, the Washburn WCG66SCE-O stands out for its ability to deliver a harmonious playing experience that resonates well with musicians.

After exploring the guitar's features and customer feedback, we find the Washburn WCG66SCE-O to be a versatile instrument suited for various playing styles.

When it comes to sound projection and tonewood comparison, here are some key points:

  • The solid Canadian Western Red Cedar soundboard enhances the guitar's sound projection.
  • The Spalted Maple body provides a unique tonal quality compared to traditional tonewoods.
  • Players may notice a warm and rich sound due to the Cedar top.
  • The combination of Cedar and Maple offers a balanced tone suitable for different genres.
  • The tonewood selection contributes to the guitar's versatility in delivering a dynamic sound experience.

Upon examining the guitar's construction and materials, it becomes apparent that the Washburn WCG66SCE-O offers a blend of quality and innovation. As part of the Comfort Series, this guitar is designed not only for exceptional sound but also for player comfort.

The Deluxe recurved ergonomic armrest enhances the playing experience, reducing fatigue during long sessions. This feature sets the Washburn WCG66SCE-O apart, catering to the needs of musicians who prioritize comfort without compromising on sound quality.

Customer satisfaction with this guitar is evident in its positive reviews, highlighting its playability, unique tone, and value. The Comfort Series aspect of the Washburn WCG66SCE-O contributes significantly to its appeal, ensuring that players aren't only pleased with the sound but also with how comfortable it's to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Washburn WCG66SCE-O Be Used for Live Performances?

For live performances, the Washburn WCG66SCE-O offers great versatility with its premium Fishman electronics and solid Canadian Western Red Cedar soundboard.

Its unique Spalted Maple body contributes to excellent sound projection and stage presence.

The guitar's Comfort Deluxe Armrest enhances playing comfort, making it ideal for extended performances.

With its ergonomic design and quality components, the WCG66SCE-O is a compelling choice for engaging audiences during live shows.

How Does the Spalted Maple Body Affect the Guitar's Tone?

When it comes to tone impact, the spalted maple body of this guitar is like a painter's brush on a canvas, adding depth and character to the sound.

The unique wood pattern not only contributes to a visually appealing instrument but also brings warmth and richness to the overall tone.

This combination of aesthetics and acoustics creates a harmonious blend that resonates beautifully, making each note a work of art.

Is the Comfort Deluxe Armrest Removable or Adjustable?

The Comfort Deluxe Armrest on the Washburn WCG66SCE-O guitar isn't removable, but it offers excellent armrest customization for comfortable playing.

Its ergonomic design helps reduce shoulder strain during long practice sessions or performances. This feature enhances the overall playing experience and promotes better posture.

Although not adjustable, the armrest's comfort benefits outweigh potential limitations, making it a valuable addition to the guitar's design.

What Type of Strings Are Recommended for This Guitar?

When selecting strings for this guitar, we recommend considering both string gauge and material. Opting for light to medium gauge strings, such as phosphor bronze or coated strings, can help maintain a balanced tone and playability.

Experimenting with different string materials can enhance the guitar's sound and responsiveness to your playing style. Don't hesitate to try various options to find the perfect match for your Washburn WCG66SCE-O.

Does the Fishman 501T Presys+ Preamp System Require Batteries?

Yes, the Fishman 501T Presys+ preamp system requires batteries for power.

Regular battery replacement is essential to maintain the electronics' functionality. Remember to check the battery status periodically to guarantee uninterrupted performance.

Proper maintenance of the batteries is vital for the preamp system to operate effectively. Be mindful of the power source to maximize the system's capabilities.


In the symphony of music, the Washburn WCG66SCE-O guitar stands out like a beacon of creativity and innovation. Its Spalted Maple body and Canadian Western Red Cedar soundboard blend harmoniously to create a unique and enchanting sound.

As we strum the strings and let the music flow, we're transported to a world where every note is a brushstroke on the canvas of our imagination.

The Washburn WCG66SCE-O isn't just a guitar, but a masterpiece waiting to be explored.


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