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Washburn Sonamaster Guitar Review

June 27, 2024 | by 98reviews

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We've tried the Washburn Sonamaster guitar—it rocks! The H-S-S pickup combo and flame maple top bring exceptional quality for killer sound and style. Craftsmanship shines through for a smooth playing experience. Plus, the customer pricing and tonewood choices hit the right notes. And hey, there's even more to discover about this gem.

Guitar Features and Quality

With its flame maple top, versatile H-S-S pickup configuration, and classic sunburst gloss finish, the Washburn Sonamaster guitar impresses with its standout features and quality build. The tonewood selection and craftsmanship shine through, enhancing both playability and visual appeal.

The combination of a comfortable body shape, a well-thought-out H-S-S pickup configuration, and the attention to detail in the finish make this guitar a solid choice for players seeking both versatility and style. The use of high-quality materials and the precision in construction contribute to an instrument that not only looks great but also performs exceptionally well.

Let's explore the construction and components of the Washburn Sonamaster guitar. When considering sound quality, the Washburn Sonamaster impresses with its versatile H-S-S pickup configuration, offering a range of tones suitable for various musical styles.

The combination of 1 Humbucker and 2 Single Coil pickups delivers clarity and depth, making it a reliable choice for both clean tones and overdriven sounds.

Regarding design aesthetics, this guitar stands out with its sleek sunburst finish and flame maple top, giving it a classic yet stylish appearance. The white pearloid pickguard adds a touch of elegance to the overall look, making the Washburn Sonamaster a visually appealing instrument that matches its impressive sound quality.

We'll now explore the performance and playability features of the Washburn Sonamaster guitar.

The H-S-S pickup configuration provides a wide range of tone options, allowing for versatility in playing different music genres.

The Washburn Humbucker and Sonamaster+ Single Coil pickups deliver excellent pickup performance, capturing the nuances of your playing style with precision.

Whether you're going for a warm, mellow sound or a bright, sharp tone, the Sonamaster guitar delivers.

Concerning durability, the Washburn Sonamaster is built to withstand the rigors of regular use, making it a reliable companion for both practice sessions and live performances.

When it comes to playability, the comfortable body shape and smooth fretboard of the Sonamaster guitar ensure an enjoyable playing experience.

Exploring the Washburn Sonamaster guitar's tuning stability and intonation accuracy reveals key aspects of its performance. The guitar durability is impressive, holding up well to regular playing and maintaining its tuning even after extended use.

Users have reported a positive user experience, noting the reliable intonation accuracy across the fretboard. The Sonamaster's construction contributes to its durability, with the maple wood body and neck standing strong against wear and tear.

This robust build guarantees that the guitar can handle the demands of practice sessions and live performances without compromising on performance. Overall, the combination of durability and user-friendly design enhances the playing experience, making the Washburn Sonamaster a reliable choice for guitarists seeking quality and longevity.

Customer Feedback on Pricing

Customer feedback on pricing for the Washburn Sonamaster guitar indicates a significant interest in competitive pricing options. Customers appreciate the price comparison opportunities available in the market trends, allowing them to make informed decisions.

The value perception of the Sonamaster guitar aligns with customer satisfaction, as they seek affordability without compromising quality. By offering a range of pricing options, Washburn caters to diverse customer preferences, ensuring that the Sonamaster remains competitive in the market.

The ability for customers to provide feedback on pricing not only fosters transparency but also demonstrates Washburn's commitment to meeting customer needs. In a market where price plays an important role in purchasing decisions, the Sonamaster's pricing strategy stands out for its customer-centric approach.

Let's talk about the key points that make the Washburn Sonamaster guitar stand out.

The sound versatility offered by the H-S-S pickup configuration provides a wide range of tonal options for different playing styles.

Additionally, the comfortable body shape and smooth playability enhance the overall playing experience.

Sound Versatility

With its H-S-S pickup configuration, the Washburn Sonamaster guitar offers a wide range of tonal options for sound versatility.

The combination of a Humbucker in the bridge position and two Single Coil pickups provides a diverse tonal range suitable for various music genres.

This setup allows for precise pickup selection, catering to different playing styles and musical preferences.

The Sonamaster guitar is compatible with a variety of amplifiers, ensuring that the player can achieve their desired sound quality.

Additionally, the guitar's design allows for easy integration with effects pedals, offering players a range of effects options to enhance their sound and creativity.

The Sonamaster guitar's sound versatility makes it a reliable instrument for musicians seeking innovation in their music.

Playability Comfort

Regarding playability comfort, the Washburn Sonamaster guitar boasts an ergonomic design that enhances the player's overall experience. The body shape of the Sonamaster is crafted for peak playability, allowing for extended practice sessions without discomfort.

The smooth contours and well-balanced weight distribution make it easy to handle during performances or long studio sessions. The neck profile of the guitar promotes a comfortable playing position, reducing strain on the hands and wrists. Additionally, the placement of the volume and tone controls guarantees easy access without interfering with playing.

Visual Appeal

Moreover, the Washburn Sonamaster guitar's visual appeal is enhanced by its striking sunburst color and classic white pearloid pickguard. The glossy finish adds a touch of sophistication, making it stand out on stage or in the studio.

Additionally, Washburn offers various finish options for those looking to customize their instrument further. These finish options allow musicians to express their unique style and personality through their guitar.

Moreover, the Sonamaster's design lends itself well to custom modifications, giving players the opportunity to tailor the guitar to their preferences. Whether it's changing the hardware, adding personalized touches, or experimenting with different pickguard designs, the Sonamaster provides a canvas for creativity and individuality.

Customers have praised the Washburn Sonamaster guitar for its versatile tonal options and classic design. The durability assessment indicates a solid construction that can withstand rigorous playing, ensuring longevity.

Playability factors such as a comfortable body shape and smooth fretboard contribute to an enjoyable playing experience. The tonal range provided by the H-S-S pickup configuration has garnered high customer satisfaction, allowing musicians to explore a variety of sounds effortlessly.

With its combination of durability, playability, and tonal versatility, the Washburn Sonamaster guitar offers a reliable and satisfying playing experience for both beginners and experienced players alike.

Unique Tonewood Selection

The Washburn Sonamaster guitar stands out for its unique tonewood selection. It features a body made of Okoume and a top crafted from maple wood. These tonewoods contribute to the guitar's distinct sound profile, combining warmth, resonance, and clarity.

The choice of materials in the construction of the Sonamaster adds to the versatility and character of this electric guitar.


The flame maple top of the Washburn Sonamaster guitar brings a unique blend of aesthetics and tonal quality to the instrument. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this tonewood selection enhances the overall sound characteristics, delivering a rich and vibrant tone that stands out.

Players can expect a balanced mix of warmth, clarity, and resonance, making the Sonamaster a versatile choice for a variety of musical styles.

Flame Maple Top Characteristics

What makes the flame maple top on the Washburn Sonamaster guitar stand out among other tonewood selections?

The flame maple top offers tonal benefits, enhancing the guitar's sound quality and tonal variety.

In addition to its construction advantages, the flame maple top contributes to the guitar's striking aesthetics, providing a visually appealing finish that sets it apart from other tonewood choices.

Craftsmanship and Sound Characteristics

Moving from the distinctive flame maple top, the craftsmanship and sound characteristics of the Washburn Sonamaster guitar showcase the unique tonewood selection's impact on both aesthetics and sonic quality.

The tonewood selection not only enhances the guitar's visual appeal but also contributes to its playability and durability. This careful choice of materials results in a well-rounded instrument that excels in both form and function.


With a unique tonewood selection including flame maple top and maple wood back and top, the Washburn Sonamaster guitar offers a distinctive blend of aesthetics and sound quality. The craftsmanship of the guitar is evident in the choice of tonewoods, enhancing both playability and sound versatility.

The flame maple top contributes to the guitar's eye-catching appearance, while the maple wood back and top add depth to its tone. This tonewood combination not only guarantees a visually striking instrument but also delivers a rich and dynamic sound output.

Players looking for a guitar that excels in both style and sonic performance will appreciate the thoughtful tonewood selection and meticulous craftsmanship showcased in the Washburn Sonamaster guitar.

The Washburn Sonamaster guitar showcases remarkable versatility in its tonal capabilities with its H-S-S pickup configuration. When exploring its features, we find:

  • Body Design: The Sonamaster boasts a comfortable body shape that enhances playability and comfort during long sessions.
  • Pickup Options: With 1 Humbucker and 2 Single Coil pickups, this guitar offers a wide range of tones suitable for various music genres.
  • Tonal Versatility: The 5-way switch combined with the Volume/Tone controls allows for easy adjustments to achieve the desired sound effortlessly.

These aspects make the Washburn Sonamaster a solid choice for musicians seeking a guitar that can adapt to different playing styles and preferences.

Let's explore the craftsmanship and playability of the Washburn Sonamaster guitar. When it comes to guitar design and performance capabilities, the Washburn Sonamaster stands out with:

  • Sleek and ergonomic body shape for comfortable playing sessions.
  • Versatile H-S-S pickup configuration allowing for a wide range of tonal options.
  • High-quality materials like maple wood and Techwood fretboard contributing to a solid build and excellent sound resonance.

These features make the Washburn Sonamaster a reliable and stylish choice for guitarists looking to elevate their playing experience.

Let's explore the sound versatility and playability of the Washburn Sonamaster guitar.

The build quality of this guitar is remarkable, showcasing robustness that guarantees longevity. Its construction allows for smooth playability, making it a joy to handle.

The Sonamaster offers a wide range of tone options, thanks to its H-S-S pickup configuration, delivering versatility for various musical styles. The combination of the Washburn Humbucker and two Sonamaster+ Single Coil pickups provides a dynamic sound palette to experiment with.

Whether you're aiming for clean tones or heavier distortions, this guitar has the capability to adapt to your playing style effortlessly.

With the Sonamaster, you can count on both reliable robustness and exceptional sound versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Washburn Sonamaster Guitar Be Customized With Different Pickguard Colors?

Yes, the pickguard customization on the Washburn Sonamaster guitar offers various personalization options.

You can switch out the white pearloid pickguard for different colors to suit your style preferences.

This feature allows for easy customization, giving you the flexibility to change the look of your guitar effortlessly.

Explore different pickguard colors to create a unique aesthetic that matches your personality and stage presence.

What Sets the Washburn Sonamaster Guitar Apart From Other Entry-Level Electric Guitars?

We've got to say, the Washburn Sonamaster guitar stands out like a shooting star among entry-level electric guitars.

Its exceptional features and performance are outstanding. Crafted with premium quality and durability, this guitar is a game-changer.

The exceptional craftsmanship guarantees it can withstand any rocking session. So, if you're after innovation and unmatched value, this guitar is the real deal.

Are There Any Special Promotions or Discounts Available for the Washburn Sonamaster Guitar?

Currently, we're exploring any current promotions or discounts available for the Washburn Sonamaster guitar.

Are there any special pickguard options?

How Does the Unique Tonewood Selection Impact the Sound and Playability of the Guitar?

Let's explore how tonewood selection influences sound and playability. Tonewood choices like maple and okoume can affect the guitar's tone, providing a balance of warmth and brightness.

This combination can improve playability, offering a versatile range of sounds. With the right combination, players can expect a dynamic playing experience that caters to various music styles.

Tonewood impact plays a vital role in shaping the overall feel and sound of the instrument.

Can Customers Request a Specific Setup or Modifications to the Washburn Sonamaster Guitar?

Absolutely, customers can request a custom setup or modifications for the Washburn Sonamaster guitar. Whether it's adjusting the action, swapping pickups, or changing the wiring, we're here to tailor the guitar to your preferences.

Additionally, pickguard options are available to further personalize your instrument. Just reach out to our customer service team to discuss your specific needs and we'll work to make it happen.


To sum up, the Washburn Sonamaster Guitar truly delivers on quality, versatility, and style. With its impressive tonewood selection, H-S-S pickup configuration, and sleek design, this guitar is a must-have for musicians of all levels.

Stay tuned for our next review where we explore further into the sound quality and performance of this exceptional instrument. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the Washburn Sonamaster for yourself.


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