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Washburn WA90CEVSB Guitar Review

June 20, 2024 | by 98reviews

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We explored the Washburn WA90CEVSB Guitar and found it to offer a rich tonal palette and superior craftsmanship. The guitar effortlessly moves between strumming, blues, and bluegrass flat picking, delivering crisp notes and dynamic range. Users praise its quality build, comfortable neck, and smooth black walnut fingerboard. The linden top, back, and sides contribute to its acoustic resonance, while the Barcus Berry LX4 preamp guarantees excellent amplification. With its vintage Tobacco Sunburst finish and adaptable sound capabilities, this guitar is a versatile choice for musicians seeking quality and aesthetics.

Review of Washburn WA90CEVSB

Upon examining the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar, we found its quality and playability to be exceptional, making it a standout choice for musicians seeking a versatile instrument. Sound versatility is evident in this model, allowing for smooth shifts between strumming, blues, and bluegrass flat picking.

The playability assessment revealed a smooth neck, comfortable fretboard, and excellent action, enhancing the overall playing experience. Musicians looking for a guitar that can adapt to various styles will appreciate the Washburn WA90CEVSB's ability to deliver rich tones and crisp notes effortlessly.

This guitar is a reliable companion for both live performances and studio recordings, offering a dynamic range of sounds that cater to the demands of innovative musicians.

When considering the overall performance and user feedback of the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar, it's clear that this model offers a compelling blend of quality craftsmanship and versatile sound capabilities.

When discussing tone comparison, the WA90CEVSB stands out for its rich and balanced sound across various playing styles. The linden top, back, and sides contribute to a warm tone that's ideal for strumming or bluesy flat picking.

Regarding playability assessment, this guitar impresses with a comfortable okoume neck and smooth black walnut fingerboard, making it easy to navigate and play intricate melodies.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, the Washburn WA90CEVSB delivers a satisfying playing experience with its excellent tone and playability.

When considering the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar, we found it to be a versatile instrument that combines quality craftsmanship with a rich and balanced sound.

When evaluating playability, we were impressed by its comfortable neck and smooth fretboard, making it easy to play for extended periods.

When comparing sound, the guitar stood out with its clear and resonant tones, whether played acoustically or through an amplifier.

Customer satisfaction was evident in reviews praising the affordability, sound quality, and ease of tuning thanks to the onboard preamp.

However, some users mentioned minor tuning issues like fret buzz and the lack of an inside strap peg.

The packaging of the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar and its impact on customer satisfaction is vital. Some buyers have faced issues with the condition upon delivery, leading to the need for adjustments.

Despite mixed reviews, the onboard preamp has garnered praise for its ease of tuning, contributing positively to customer recommendations.

The playability assessment has been generally positive, with users highlighting the guitar's quality and sound. Tuning suggestions have been made, emphasizing the importance of initial adjustments and potential fine-tuning for best performance.

While packaging concerns have arisen, feedback on the overall playability and the convenience of the built-in preamp have influenced customer recommendations for the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar.

Unique Sound Qualities

Moving from customer satisfaction to sound evaluation, the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar offers distinctive tonal characteristics worth noting.

This guitar stands out for its tonal richness, allowing for a wide range of versatile playing styles from strumming to blues to bluegrass flat picking.

The acoustic resonance produced by the linden top, back, and sides contributes to a warm and full-bodied sound that resonates beautifully.

Additionally, the Barcus Berry LX4 preamp provides excellent amplification options, enhancing the guitar's sound quality when plugged in.

Whether you prefer the pure acoustic sound or want to explore amplified tones, the Washburn WA90CEVSB delivers a unique and dynamic sound experience that will inspire your musical creativity.

Let's break down the sound quality, packaging condition, and price versus value aspects of the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar.

We'll analyze the guitar's tonal characteristics, evaluate the state it arrives in, and weigh in on whether the cost is reflective of its features.

These points will give us a detailed view of what to expect when considering this instrument.

Sound Quality Analysis

How does the sound quality of the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar compare to similar models on the market?

The tonal characteristics of the WA90CEVSB offer a rich and balanced sound suitable for various playing styles. Its linden top and back contribute to a warm tone, while the okoume neck enhances sustain and resonance.

When it comes to playability analysis, the WA90CEVSB excels with a comfortable feel and smooth fretboard, making it effortless to play intricate chords or melodies.

The pickup performance of the Barcus Berry LX4 preamp guarantees a clear and amplified sound, ideal for live performances and recording sessions.

Compared to other guitars in its class, the WA90CEVSB stands out with its exceptional tonewood combination and versatile sound output.

Packaging Condition Evaluation

We evaluated the packaging condition of the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar upon delivery. The packaging assessment revealed mixed reviews, with some customers mentioning the need for adjustments upon receipt.

While some reported a satisfactory delivery condition, others highlighted the necessity for additional tuning and potential product adjustments. Customer satisfaction varied based on the condition of the guitar upon arrival, with feedback indicating the need for improvements in the packaging quality to guarantee a more secure transportation of the instrument.

Addressing these concerns could enhance customer satisfaction and minimize the need for post-delivery product adjustments.

Price Vs. Value

Upon evaluating the price versus value of the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar, feedback from customers highlighted varying perspectives on the perceived cost-effectiveness of the product.

Some buyers found the price to be reasonable, considering the features and sound quality offered. They praised the overall satisfaction derived from the guitar's performance, especially with the built-in preamp for tuning ease.

However, others mentioned issues with sound or functionality, prompting a return or exchange decision. The price comparison with similar guitars in the market was a factor for many purchasers, with a focus on getting the best value for their investment.

Despite minor drawbacks like fret buzz or lack of internal strap pegs, the general sentiment leaned towards a positive cost-to-quality ratio.

The Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar's affordability and quality have garnered positive feedback from customers. Sound versatility and construction quality stand out, providing a range of tones for different playing styles.

The guitar offers player comfort with its smooth neck and fretboard, allowing for easy chord changes and soloing. Tuning accuracy is excellent, thanks to the Barcus Berry LX4 preamp with a built-in tuner, guaranteeing that the guitar stays in tune during performances.

The sturdy construction quality ensures durability, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced players. Overall, the Washburn WA90CEVSB delivers on sound, comfort, and tuning accuracy, making it a reliable choice for musicians seeking a versatile acoustic-electric guitar.

Tobacco Sunburst Color Palette

We love the rich and classic Tobacco Sunburst color palette featured on the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar. The linden top, back, and sides elegantly showcase this timeless finish, complemented by a glossy sheen.

This color choice adds a touch of vintage charm to the instrument, making it visually appealing to players and onlookers alike.


The Tobacco Sunburst color palette of the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar showcases a striking blend of warm tones that exude a vintage aesthetic.

The linden wood construction not only adds to the guitar's visual appeal but also contributes to its resonant sound quality.

With these features combined, the WA90CEVSB offers both style and substance for guitar enthusiasts.

Tobacco Sunburst Aesthetic Characteristics

Highlighting the rich tones and warm hues of the Tobacco Sunburst finish, the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar exudes a classic and timeless aesthetic appeal.

Its vintage appeal and visual impact are undeniable, drawing attention with its sunburst finish and aesthetic charm.

The color palette adds depth and character to the instrument, making it a standout piece for those seeking a blend of tradition and style.

Linden Wood Construction Characteristics

Crafted from linden wood, the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar boasts a rich Tobacco Sunburst color palette that enhances its vintage charm.

Linden wood offers a balance of durability and resonance, contributing to the guitar's warm and well-rounded tone characteristics.

This construction choice guarantees a reliable instrument that delivers a pleasing sound suitable for various playing styles, making it a versatile option for musicians seeking quality and performance.


Exploring the rich Tobacco Sunburst color palette of the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar reveals a vibrant and visually striking finish.

When considering tonewood comparison, the WA90CEVSB boasts a linden top, back, and sides that contribute to its resonant sound.

Regarding playability assessment, the okoume neck and black walnut fingerboard offer a smooth playing experience suitable for various styles, from strumming to blues.

The electronic components include the Barcus Berry LX4 preamp with a built-in tuner, providing convenience and enhancing tuning stability.

This combination of tonewoods, playability features, and reliable electronic components ensures that the Washburn WA90CEVSB in Tobacco Sunburst is a guitar designed for both versatility and performance excellence.

We found the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar to deliver a balanced sound suitable for various playing styles. When exploring this versatile instrument, we came across valuable insights from customers and playing techniques worth noting:

  • Customer Recommendations:
  • Positive reviews praising quality, sound, and playability
  • Affordability and ease of tuning with onboard preamp
  • Minor issues like fret buzz and lack of strap peg mentioned
  • Need for adjustments or additional tuning tools highlighted
  • Playing Techniques:
  • Suitable for strumming, blues, or bluegrass flat picking
  • Versatile sound quality enabling diverse playing styles
  • Responsive to different strumming techniques
  • Ideal for both beginners and experienced players
  • Adaptable for various musical genres

The guitar's durability and construction quality have been subjects of interest among consumers.

When it comes to user experience and playability assessment, here are some key points to take into account:

  • User Experience
  • Users appreciate the smooth feel of the neck and fretboard
  • Feedback on the comfortable size and weight for extended playing sessions
  • Playability Assessment
  • Playability is rated highly for both strumming and fingerstyle techniques
  • Fret buzz is occasionally reported but can be resolved with minor adjustments
  • Overall, the guitar offers a versatile playing experience suitable for various music styles

Upon evaluating the acoustic-electric guitar's sound versatility, several key aspects emerge as remarkable for potential buyers. The tobacco sunburst appeal of the Washburn WA90CEVSB adds a touch of vintage charm, making it visually appealing for musicians seeking a classic look.

When it comes to playability assessment, the guitar's smooth Okoume neck and black walnut fingerboard offer a comfortable playing experience, enabling smooth chord changes and intricate fingerstyle techniques.

The combination of a linden top, back, and sides with a gloss finish not only enhances the guitar's aesthetic but also contributes to its rich and resonant sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Washburn WA90CEVSB Be Easily Converted to Left-Handed?

Converting the Washburn WA90CEVSB to left-handed offers advantages for southpaw players seeking a unique playing experience. Challenges may arise with the setup adjustments needed to accommodate the switch.

Adapting the nut, saddle, and string arrangement requires precision for best playability. Despite hurdles, left-handed conversion can open doors to personalized playing styles and enhance the guitarist's overall experience.

Are There Options to Customize the Finish on the Tobacco Sunburst Model?

When looking to customize the finish on the tobacco sunburst model, there are various options available. From professional refinishing services to DIY paint jobs, the possibilities are endless.

As for left-handed conversion, it can be easily achieved with the right adjustments. Explore new finishes or switch to left-handed play with confidence and creativity.

Does the Guitar Come With a Case or Gig Bag for Protection?

We don't provide a case or gig bag with the guitar for protection. It's something you might want to think about purchasing separately.

If you're thinking about converting it for left-handed play, keep in mind the potential difficulty involved in finding a suitable gig bag or case that accommodates the reversed setup.

It's worth exploring options to make sure your guitar stays safe and secure while on the move.

What Is the Warranty Coverage for the Washburn Wa90cevsb?

We've checked the warranty details and coverage for the Washburn WA90CEVSB. The warranty typically covers manufacturing defects and workmanship issues. However, it's crucial to review the specific terms and conditions provided by Washburn.

For left-handed players interested in converting the guitar, options may include seeking professional assistance for adjustments or exploring DIY solutions. Always make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines to avoid voiding the warranty.

Are There Specific String Recommendations for Optimal Performance?

For peak performance, we recommend trying a medium string gauge from reputable brands like D'Addario or Elixir. These gauges balance tone and playability, enhancing maintenance tips for longevity and tuning stability.

Experimenting with different brands allows us to find the best fit for our playing style, ensuring a smooth experience and maximizing the guitar's potential.


Overall, the Washburn WA90CEVSB guitar impresses with its vintage charm and modern features. From its striking Tobacco Sunburst color to its smooth playing experience, this acoustic-electric beauty delivers rich tones perfect for a variety of musical styles.

With glowing customer reviews and a budget-friendly price tag, the Washburn WA90CEVSB is a solid choice for musicians looking for quality and versatility. So, why settle for less when you can have it all with this gem of a guitar?


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